Tower Museum

Tower Museum

The Archive Service is responsible for the care and preservation of the civic records of the former Derry City Council and its predecessor the Londonderry Corporation.

The Archive Collection includes minute books and letter-books for the Corporation, the Council and also for the Rural District Council. The archive holds architectural drawings relating to public and private developments in the city and a number of private collections. These collections include items relating to the textile industry, railways, the civil rights movement and educational institutions.

The archive also maintains a collection of artwork including items by John Noah Gosset, Norah McGuiness and Andrew Nicholl.

Our pilot project has digitised a small fraction (300) of the city’s many thousands of archive drawings recording the architectural built heritage of the city. For simplification we have created a number of categories which the majority of drawings fall under:

Churches / Halls
The Guildhall
Premises / Factories
Parks / public amenities